7 of the biggest myths about vaping

Interested in learning more about vapes, but hear all kinds of malarkey and hubbub and can’t distinguish fact from fiction? Here are some of the biggest debunked myths about vaping. If you have any to add, please tell us in the comments.

  1. All vapes have nicotine – Absolutely not. You can customize your level of nicotine from ZERO to any level, although most eliquids are only offered in strengths up to 2.4%. It is up to you whether you start with higher levels and work your way down, or start with none at all.
  2. You have to use disposable e-cigs– There are all sorts of shapes, sizes, styles and strengths of vapes and reusable ecigs to use. They become even more cost effective than combustible tobacco products due to the ability to recharge your battery and reuse the pen. Once you choose your new vape pen or ecig, we have some tips on refilling your vape cartridge you can find here.
  3. All the liquids are fruity flavors- You can choose a traditional “tobacco” flavor (although it contains no tobacco), menthol, fruity, or even a specialty flavor like coffee or cola. You can create your own flavor combinations with your favorite ejuice. The possibilities are endless.

If you have only ever used menthol or tobacco flavors, you can stick with the traditional or move over to something more palate pleasing like vanilla or tropical. If you aren’t quite sure what you want, V2 has several combination packs to choose from. But don’t fret, it doesn’t have to be cotton candy clouds in your vape (unless you want them to be).

  1. E-cigs explode easily– With proper care and maintenance it should not be a concern. For more info take a look at: Worried About Vape Explosions? Don’t Be.
  2. Vaping products are not regulated- There are ever-evolving regulations on vapes, their production, sales, and age limits for use to name a few. With newer industries, there are always uncharted waters to navigate, but vapes are being watched closely by state and federal agencies, including the FDA.

V2 has always employed standards much higher than what is required. Get details about our rigorous safety standardsand even find about the batch test your specific product underwent.

  1. Vapes are hard to clean– They aren’t at all. With just a bit of time, and simple materials you can easily maintain your vape, which helps extend the life of the product, and keeps your vapor tasting great. Click here if you want to know some tips on how to clean your vape.
  2. You can’t travel with your vape– You can take your vape on the go, no problem. There may be rules and regulations, and possible restrictions depending on your method of transportation, so be sure to check the rules before you head out. Taking to the air? Here is some helpful info about flying with your vape.

If you have any myths or misconceptions in mind, or if we can clarify any questions you have about vapes and ecigs

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