Save 30% on Eight EX Cartridge Flavors

save 30% on ecig flavor refills at

Do you love EX prefilled Cartridges? This is your last chance to stock up on eight flavors! Head over to the V2 Sale page and save 30% on EX Cartridges in Peppermint, Green Tea Menthol, Grape, Cherry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, and V2 Cola. We’re discontinuing these flavors in our prefilled EX Cartridge, so place your order before your preferred flavor and strength is gone! Please note that these flavors will still be available in V2 Classic Cartridges and V2 Platinum E-Liquids, though. (Whew!)

As the vapor market evolves, our product line does too. The current demand is for bigger, more powerful devices and we will continue to anticipate the needs of our customers through ongoing innovation. Stay tuned for what comes next!

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