The 7 Best Specialty E-Juice Flavors Ever

Specialty e-juice flavors are some of the most popular selections in the V2 E-Liquid Marketplace. Some offer sweet indulgences while others combine exotic flavors for a truly unique vaping experience. We offer PG and VG specialty vape juices as well as VG/PG blends. Check out our customer favorites below.

V2 Chocolate

High PG,  Available Nicotine Concentrations: 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4%

Available in 50 ml bottles.

If you’re a vaper with frequent chocolate cravings, V2’s Chocolate E-Liquid is for you. Striking the perfect balance between dark and milk chocolate, it is ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth. The addition of dark chocolate enriches this vape juice without adding to its sweetness. What results is the best chocolate e-liquid you’ve ever tried! 

One of the best chocolate e-liquids I’ve tried. Will order again. – Chuck N

Cosmic Fog Sonset

High VG,  Available Nicotine Concentrations: 0%, 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2%

Available in 30 ml bottles.

What do Japanese pear, crème brulee and salted caramel have in common? Not much, but when combined in Cosmic Fog’s Sonset e-juice, they create the perfect alchemy for a delicious vaping experience. This VG favor offers a sweet taste and a smooth throat hit. You’ll have to try it yourself to figure out exactly what this exotic flavor combination tastes like. 

This flavor is an absolute favorite. Description might seem a little confusing but will understand once you try. reminds me of how much loved v2s old specialties like pina colada & strawberry desire. – Bay

Brewell Butterscotch

High VG,  Available Nicotine Concentrations: 0%, 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2%

Available in 60 ml bottles.

If you’re looking for something that isn’t too sweet or thick, you may want to give Brewell Butterscotch a try. It features a mild tobacco flavor highlighted by spicy licorice and a butterscotch base.This high VG vape juice is perfect for anyone that enjoys black licorice and the burnt caramel flavor of butterscotch candies. 

Don’t be fooled by the name of this one, it isn’t as sweet as it sounds. I think it tastes more like licorice then anything, so I don’t know why they didn’t just call it that LOL. – Sandra C

V2 Coffee

High PG,  Available Nicotine Concentrations: 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4%

Available in 50 ml bottles.

One of the most popular flavors in the Platinum series, V2 Coffee is a fan favorite. A combination of whole-bean coffee, cream and sugar, it’s like brewing the perfect cup. This flavor is great on its own, but also goes well with V2 Vanilla and Sahara. It offers a mild throat hit and medium sweetness. You can also make it a mocha by combining with V2 Chocolate, too. 

this is my favorite e liquid and i order it weeks in advance so i don’t run out! it’s not too sweet, has a nice throat hit, and is quite enjoyable. – Lee

Ripe Vapes Key Lime Cookie

High VG,  Available Nicotine Concentrations: 0.6%, 1.2%

Available in 30 ml bottles.

If you like key lime pie and shortbread cookies, you must try Ripe Vapes Key Lime Cookie E-Liquid. Its flavor is mainly citrus with a little bit of cookie taste added to resemble the crust of a homemade key lime pie. Its ideal for anyone that enjoys sweetness with a little bit of zest. The cookie flavor balances out the smooth hit for a well-balanced vaping delight. 

This is Awesome! Taste Exactly like fresh Key Lime Pie with a nice Cookie crust.. My girlfriend loves the smell.. My current go-to vape. Gotta order more! – Danny M

Mylk Green Tea

High VG,  Available Nicotine Concentrations: 0%, 0.3%, 0.6%

Available in 30 ml bottles.

Fans of green tea lattes will love Mylk’s Green Tea e-Juice. It combines the refreshing flavor of green tea with a milky finish. This combination may sound odd to some, but this truly unique flavor will have you coming back for more. If you are looking for a high VG vape juice that isn’t sweet but still offers a refreshing taste, give it a try.  

I love this flavor. Can’t stop hitting it once I start. It has a nice warm subtle green tea flavor which stays constant, while a creamy, milky flavor develops on the back end. Once you start, you might not stop. A wonderful relaxing treat at the end of the day. Highly recommended! – Robert

Charlie’s Dream Cream

High VG,  Available Nicotine Concentrations: 0%, 0.15%, 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2%

Available in 30 ml bottles.

In the mood for a hot fudge sundae sprinkled with cinnamon? If you can’t get to your local ice cream parlor, take a puff of Charlies Dream Cream. This VG e-liquid is perfectly sweet, with vanilla bean and hot fudge flavors that go great together. This is one of our more popular Charlie’s Chalk Dust flavors.

Not too sweet, my fav so far! – Cindy G

Is there a specialty vape juice you think we left out? Tell us in the comments below. If you’re not sure which flavor you might like, check out our 6-Flavor Specialty Sampler. And don’t forget you can add a customer review for your favorite vape juice on and, if it gets approved, you receive 10 Vape 4 Free points! Click here for details on our Vape 4 Free loyalty program.

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