Choosing a quality e-cigarette vaporizer

Types of Evaporator

Choosing a quality e-cigarette vaporizer

The device and value of the evaporator

In the mechanism of operation of an electronic cigarette, the vaporizer is of great importance – it is he who ensures the formation of vapor from the liquid charged into the vape. Consequently, the taste and density of the resulting vapor depend on such characteristics of the evaporator as the design, size, resistance of the spiral.

As you know, an electronic cigarette consists of two main elements: a mod with a battery and an vaporizer (otherwise it is called a tank, atomizer). The vaporizer is that part of the electronic cigarette in which there is a container for pouring liquid and a heating coils with a wick wrapped in cotton wool or synthetic winterizer. Vata is impregnated with a liquid (most often it contains glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine and all kinds of flavors). When the battery is turned on, current is supplied to the evaporator. The heating coil quickly heats up, and the liquid from the cotton wool begins to evaporate, turning into thick puffs of delicious steam.

For newcomers who have never tried vaping, it will be difficult to understand the classification of the various devices associated with it. In addition, new products are constantly appearing on the electronic cigarette market, while previously popular devices are slowly becoming a thing of the past. To find “your” device, you have to sort through a lot of options. So, now the most common modifications of the “sweaters” are clearomizers and drips. Clearomizers are models with a transparent (most often glass) body with an evaporator inside.

As a rule, most clearomizers are serviced, that is, their details can be replaced at any time if necessary. The volume of liquid containers in them reaches 6-7 ml.

Drip atomizers are also serviced. A standard drip tip looks like a metal cylinder with 2-3 screws for attaching a heating coil. Here, the winding of the spiral is completely manual, in addition, it is necessary to refill the cotton wool with your own hand. A mouthpiece is screwed onto the metal base from above. For different types of atomizers (clearomizer, drip, vaporizer, tankomizer, etc.), evaporators differ in their characteristics.

Most often, evaporators are considered in terms of service.

  • For serviced include such tanks, where you can manually wind the heating coil, as well as adjust the degree of winding resistance force, etc.
  • Maintenance-free practically do not leave the user a choice of settings – in this case, you can only change the liquid in the tank.

When buying an electronic evaporator, you need to take into account the following parameters: the number of spirals, their width, type of winding, material, resistance that the atomizer can withstand. To better navigate these parameters, it is better to know the classification of evaporators today.

Evaporator Classification

Manufacturers produce a lot of varieties of vaporizers for electronic cigarettes, so that users can easily get confused in the names and models. Here are the main criteria by which tanks are classified.

By design

Depending on the design of the tank, the mechanism of its functioning changes:

  • a method of blowing a nichrome spiral (the place where the air is taken in, and how it is directed to the heating element);
  • the place where the liquid for refueling is contained;
  • a method for supplying non-combustible liquid to a spiral (can be carried out using one wick or several).

According to dimensions

The size of the device determines how aesthetically pleasing, stylish and compact it looks, as well as how easy it is to operate. Depending on the size, the following groups of evaporators are distinguished.

  • Diameter no more than 9 mm. Very thin vape devices that are almost indistinguishable from regular cigarettes on the outside.
  • Diameter from 10 to 14 mm – a format called ego . Perhaps this is the most common device among vapers, as they successfully combine compactness, ease of maintenance and impressive technical features (sufficient battery capacity, thick and saturated steam, great taste and pleasant aroma).
  • Diameter 17 mm. They are also quite popular, but less convenient in everyday life.
  • Diameter 20 mm. Medium devices – both in size and in characteristics. They are much larger than “standard ego”
  • Diameter 22-23 mm. Another ego format standard. They have a capacious battery and all without exception are serviced. Devices with a diameter of more than 23 mm are no longer too comfortable to use – they are uncomfortable, large and have considerable weight.

By spiral resistance

Another important indicator in determining the quality of the steam generator. To the greatest extent, the rate at which the liquid evaporates in the vape depends on the resistance force of the spiral. In standard models, the resistance values ​​do not exceed 2.5 ohms. There are models with minimum values ​​(0.3-0.5 ohms), but they are not in great demand and are available in limited quantities. The blame for all is fragility.

  • 1.6 Ohm – the charged solution evaporates very intensively , as a result of which the formed steam becomes warm, thick and has a rich taste.
  • 1.8 ohm. Perhaps the most acceptable option. Electronic steam generators with similar resistance are very popular among vapers: here we get dense and almost cold steam . In addition, they have a longer service life than devices with lower resistance values.
  • 2.1 Ohm – here the steam is an amateur: colder and not as thick as the previous group of devices. Plus steam generators with high resistance – they are reliable and will last you a long time.

Therefore, it is possible to identify the pattern: the lower the resistance, the more dense and volumetric steam is formed, however, the tank itself is designed for a short service time (and vice versa).

Evaporator Types

Types of bottom evaporators

Thanks to their convenience and easy maintenance, replaceable evaporators occupy a leading position in the vaping industry. For the first atomizers, the evaporator was in the upper part of the body. It was completely uncomfortable for the user: the wick overheated and often burned out. A little later, manufacturers boldly moved the evaporator to the bottom – such modifications were called BCC (Bottom Changeable Coil, literally – the bottom replaceable evaporator). BCC designs were constantly updated and refined, and as a result, two more versions appeared – BDC (BottomDualCoil) and BVC (BottomVerticalCoil).

  • BCC – the first evaporators of the lower location, inside there is one heating coil. As for the characteristics, everything is fine here: the resulting steam is quite tasty, saturated and gives a big cloud. Nevertheless, single-spiral models gradually go out of fashion, giving way to more advanced ones. Manufacturers of BCC – devices are engaged in manufacturers Joyetech and KangerT
  • BDC – in these devices there is a double helix , which significantly affects the rate of evaporation of the liquid and the amount of steam produced. The spirals have the same winding and resistance, are connected at the same time, and they are uniformly loaded. These evaporators are perhaps the most popular today.
  • BVC is the latest modification of replaceable tanks in an electronic cigarette. Inside there is one spiral, but with a vertical arrangement . Such a device allows for greater evaporation of the liquid. In addition, the vertical spiral is better and more uniformly blown, which means that it is protected from overheating and rapid failure.

The best of the best

Having figured out what the vaporizer is, and getting acquainted with the classification, we will move on to a brief overview of the best models of electronic cigarettes with various types of vaporizers. User reviews and the study of the main technical chips of a company helped us choose the five leaders.

SmokMicroOne R80

A very popular model among vapers, which competently combines the successful characteristics of previous devices of this company. SmokMicroOne R80 provides a convenient device for soaring, which even a beginner can figure out. The battery capacity is 4000mAh, which ensures stable battery life during the day. Passthrough technology provides steam even when the device is being charged.

SmokMicroOne R80

EleafiJust 2

The power of this device is 50 w, the resistance of the spiral varies from 0.15 to 3.5 ohms. Pretty compact device with excellent technical characteristics. It is popular with both beginners and steam workers with a great experience. A good, capacious 2600 mAh battery guarantees uninterrupted operation throughout the day.

EleafiJust 2

EleafiStick 100w TS

Another model manufacturer Eleaf. High-quality box mod with a maximum power of 100W and a resistance of 0.1 – 3.5. The design has a varivatt – power settings to your liking. Thanks to a wide selection of settings, the user opens up many possibilities in terms of soaring. The device has a stylish design and modest dimensions – 85x52x23 mm. There is an option for temperature control.

EleafiStick 100w TS

Joyetech eVic VT

Joyetech has long established itself in the global market. It was they who released the first mods with the function of thermal control. Joyetech eVic VT is one of such models that instantly gained popularity. In addition to temperature control, there are a number of other useful functions here – a capacious and reliable battery (5000 mAh), a varivatt function that allows you to adjust the power range, a system for protecting the board from overheating and short circuit. I want to get more steam – feel free to choose eVic VT. Also, the device is equipped with an OLED display and has a stylish design in bright colors.

This box mod is compatible with a good GoOneMega clearomizer (capacity – 4-5 ml)

Joyetech eVic VT

A model that cannot be ignored. The power of the mod is 50W, the resistance of the heating coil is 0.3-3.5 Ohms. Replaceable batteries are available. Unfortunately, the functions of thermal control and varivatt are not provided here. However, the model is characterized by stable operation , ease of maintenance and dense aromatic steam at the outlet. All this allows you to put the device in the top best to date.


Evaporator Life

As a rule, a replaceable vaporizer in an electronic cigarette is designed for 25-30 liters of liquid for refueling. The duration of the operation of the evaporator generally depends on the quality of the liquid (the content of nicotine, flavorings and coloring substances). Of course, different manufacturers use vapors with different expiration periods in the development of vape devices. In any case, most modern devices have replaceable evaporators.

Very often they fail due to the appearance of plaque (carbon deposits). This is due to the flavors that are present in the e-cigarette liquid. Due to the layer of soot, fluid access to the spiral is difficult, the process of steam formation is weakened. In addition, the plaque worsens the taste of the vape: over time, a burning smack may appear in the pair.

In addition, a good reason for replacing the evaporator is the mechanical damage to the coil, and its burnout during prolonged use.

On average, with moderate soaring, the resource of the evaporator is enough for a month . The main condition for stable operation is the use of high-quality, original liquid compatible with your type of steam generator. Thus, you can increase the life of the evaporator in the following ways:

  • give preference to liquids with a low content of flavors, as they are the main reason for the appearance of soot;
  • use a variety (power control) if this function is provided by the manufacturer;
  • monitor the fluid level, its turbidity and cleanliness.

Evaporator Replacement

The process of replacing the vaporizer varies across models of electronic cigarettes. In general terms, the replacement is as follows.

  • We detach the atomizer from the mod with the battery.
  • Then we drain the filled liquid from the tank
  • Turn off the evaporator.
  • If the evaporator is replaceable, then immediately install a new evaporator – the main thing is that it fits the battery pack.
  • If the evaporator is serviced, we replace the heating coil.
  • We check the correct installation and tightness of the device.
Evaporator Replacement

The manual, which is compulsory for quality certified products, usually contains a detailed description of replacing the tank. It is important that the instructions are accompanied by illustrations and text in Russian with detailed information about disassembling and assembling parts. Together with the evaporator, you will need to change the cartridge , even if the previous one was completely new. The need to replace the cartridge is that in different evaporators the diameter and angle of sharpening of the needle also differ from each other. Also, the cartridge, when heated, changes its shape.

After you have changed the evaporator and cartridge, we recommend that you make a couple of puffs without pressing a button. Then the evaporator will be slightly moistened with liquid, and the wick will not burn at the most inopportune moment. In addition, this will save steam from the smack of flames, which often appears after the installation of a new evaporator.

One more tip: before installing the evaporator, carefully study the information about the accessories that are suitable specifically for your device.

Without a doubt, the vaporizer is one of the central elements in the vape. Careful handling, competent care and timely replacement – and you will not have any inconvenience in using electronic cigarettes. We wish you a pleasant soaring and tasty steam!

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