How to choose coils?

How to choose coils?

One of the main components of electronic evaporators are smok coils or windings. The taste and saturation of the steam generated by your device depends on them. Therefore, the correct winding of the spiral is a guarantee of the enjoyment of the process.

Each owner of the electronic occasionally faces the need to clean or replace the coils. Depending on how often you use your device, which liquid you prefer and how responsibly you treat the atomizer, the operation lines of the spiral also depend.

Let’s talk about what constitute coils.

The main varieties of coils

Coils are a vaporizing element in an electronic cigarette that consists of certain types of metal wire.

The performance of the device, steam saturation and ease of tightening depend on the winding.

The most popular among vapers are wires made of stainless steel, nichrome (an alloy of nickel and chromium) and cantal (an alloy of iron and chromium). They have a small temperature coefficient of resistance, so they are suitable for both standard windings and thermal control.

The basic version of the winding is a  microcoil (A)  – the simplest and most common type of winding. In fact, this is a spiral, which consists of several turns tightly pressed against each other. The size of the microcoil depends on the size of the air vent in your device.

Another popular type of winding is the  Space coil (B)  – a classic spiral with a gap between the turns. This winding makes the steam a little cooler and its taste seems lighter. And also, the space coil is less clogged with soot, and it can be cleaned much less often.

The next winding model is  parallel (C) , that is, a double helix, a wire wound without gaps. It is a little more difficult to make it on your own, but, ultimately, soaring with the help of such a coil increases the capacity of the evaporator and increases its overall efficiency.

Twisted coil  or  pigtail (D)  is called the lightest of the most difficult types of coil winding. This is a twisted wire, bent into a spiral. Such a winding reduces resistance and increases the evaporation area, thereby ensuring the creation of a thick and tasty steam.

A more complex type of winding is the  Clapton coil (E) . Roughly speaking, this is a wire braided on top of another wire. It should be noted that this type of coils is also one of the most popular today. There are a lot of subspecies of clapton spirals: two rods wrapped on top; Clapton coil with gaps between turns, etc. The main advantage of all of them is a significant evaporation area, rich taste and a large amount of steam.

Depending on the complexity of the winding, it is quite possible to make coils at home. The main thing is desire, the availability of the necessary materials and the minimum base of necessary knowledge.

How to clean coils?

From time to time, various deposits and deposits settle on the spirals of your atomizer. This happens for various reasons. For example, due to condensation: during the time you soar, the electronic coils become very hot, and when you take a puff and inhale cold air, the condensation process starts. Also, a burn appears due to the liquids that you soar. Dyes or other components of the fluid also have the property of settling on the filter and coils.

The tarred winding is not a reason to immediately change it. In most cases, coils can be cleaned.

To begin with, you should pull out and discard the old burnt-out filter and heat the spiral. Thus, you will burn the carbon deposits on it. Then, the coil needs to be dipped in water. This can be done gently by dipping directly into the glass, or simply wiped with a brush dipped in water. This procedure must be repeated several times until the spiral is completely cleared of unpleasant soot. Then just rinse the dome under running water, put a new cotton wool and do what you love further.

In vaping shops or specialists who service electronic devices, ultrasonic baths are available, water is poured into them and contaminated coils or whole drips are lowered. The cleaning process takes place using sound vibrations.

Also, there are special metal brushes. Which can also be used to clean coils without heat treatment. They do not deform the spiral and remove not only soot, but also minor rust.

As practice shows, burning the spiral shows the greatest result.

In no case, do not use chemical solutions for cleaning. They can not only damage the winding, but also adversely affect your health

When should I replace the winding and how to install the spiral?

Too tight a puff, a feeling of bitterness when soaring or a decrease in the amount of steam are clear signs that it is time for your atomizer to change cotton wool or even replace the winding.

Determining what exactly should be done is not difficult. If the spiral is deformed, traces of rust are visible on it, or you have already cleaned it several times, of course, you should put a new one. After all, clean and high-quality coils are an indicator of the power of your device.

Consumables сan be purchased at the nearest vape shop or make coils yourself.

Most vapers acquire a special wire and wind spirals at home. It is not difficult to do this and they will serve no less than the store ones.

For beginners, replacing cotton wool and coils seems a difficult and incomprehensible task. But over time, this process ceases to cause such sensations. The main thing is to understand the mechanism and follow the instructions.

First, remove the old filter and a burnt spiral, wipe the device lightly with a tissue. Secondly, select the appropriate coil and adjust its length to the size you need. Thirdly, screw the spiral to the device and calcine it at low temperatures. This will help to understand whether the blowing process is going on correctly, whether there are short circuits, etc. If any, simply gently adjust the coil with tweezers or a screwdriver. The spiral should glow evenly from the middle. Then, make a bundle of cotton wool slightly larger than the diameter of the new spiral, insert it into the coil and cut off the excess.

Good winding will make your hover tasty and the clouds fragrant and saturated.

How to choose coils for an electronic cigarette?

Not only the taste of the vapor depends on the frequency of the spiral changes, but also the durability of your electronic cigarette.

Different types of coils affect the amount of steam and its taste in different ways. Therefore, to determine the optimal winding for you, you should try everything. Soar, compare, go from budget to more expensive and be sure to find something of your own.

Remember that the larger your atomizer, the finer the winding should be and vice versa. The more turns on the coil, the more tension it will take to heat it up. 

The length of the winding depends on the size of the duct. Pick up a spiral 1-2 mm longer than the blow hole. So your coil will heat evenly.

Do not forget about the thickness of the wire. Try to use the finest. This will also allow the electronics to spend less energy on its heating.

As a rule, a coil with up to 7 turns shows the most “delicious” result.Serve your devices on time, try new types of fluids and of course do not forget about cleaning the coils.

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