How To Grow Cannabis

What is the difference between Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica?

Sativa is a tall plant. Effect: funny, enlightening, gives an active energy effect. Sativa plants take longer to ripen, have less chlorophyll and more pigments (the pigmenting aids protect the plant from excessive sunlight). Because sativa varieties have less chlorophyll than indian varieties, they grow longer, mature and require more light.

Indica – plants are low, bushy. The effect: “armour-piercing”, relaxing, soothing. Indica plants ripen early, with more chlorophyll and less auxiliary pigments. Since there is more chlorophyll in indica plants than in the sativa, they grow and ripen more quickly.

Many varieties are mixed. For example: 75% Sativa / 25% Indica. Hybrid plants have combined indica and sativa characteristics which correspond to the proportion in which the varieties are mixed.

The most compact and fastest ripening varieties: Lowryder and Lowryder #2.

Lowryder .

Average height 30cm, min. 13cm, max. 40cm (depends on lighting). HR (Lowryder) has virtually no vegetative growth stage: it passes almost immediately, from germination stage to flowering period. HR has the shortest life cycle and height of all known cannabis species. Male plants can be identified on day 17-20, female plants are identified a couple of days later – they will start to bloom even under constant lighting. HR usually grows no more than 40-50 cm, usually 30-40 cm. The better the growing conditions (light intensity, pot size, correct pH), the larger the size and yield. For example, growing in a glass on a window sill HR can give only 1g and be no higher than 15cm. But with good care (DAAT, pot 15l, fertilizer) will grow a powerful fluffy 60cm. monster with a weight of buds to 45g. HR produces one basic coke, although when it is sufficiently lit, it becomes wide and thick How To Grow Cannabis .

The dominant features are the sativa. EFFECT: “high”, “lifting”, surprisingly strong, balanced. Most suitable for outdoor recreation. The smoke is soft, with pleasant earthy halftones. The smell is not extra strong. Lowryder #2 is more fragrant than the original Lowryder.

Some varieties smell very strong – it can be a security problem. The weakest smelling variety is Northern Light, and also its hybrids.

Northern Light

Type of variety: Indica

Cultivation: indoors

Blooming: 8-9 weeks

Vintage: ~100 g per bush

THC: 15-20%

Many well-known modern varieties contain Northern Lights genes. High flower to leaf ratio, buds dense with exceptionally high resin content. The smoke is strong with a neutral flavour.

Some varieties have the potential to have higher yields than others. If you are growing a ‘heavy’ variety, this does not automatically mean you will get a bigger yield. It just means that the plant has the potential for it. Grover has to ensure that the optimum conditions for this variety are in place so that the plant reaches its full potential.

The above described and other hemp varieties are traditionally ordered in online shops, some shops selling seeds are presented in a catalogue of psychoactive resources.

On average, about 100g of dried product is obtained from one plant. The figure is very tentative, some get up to 300 grams from the bush using advanced cultivation techniques. The genetics of the seeds, your diligence and your technical equipment make all the difference in the output. If you are going to grow indoors and you do not have a normal grow box with all the necessary equipment, you should not count on a high yield.

The yield depends equally on the following factors: light, temperature, humidity, irrigation, fertilizers, CO2/ventilation, genetics. You can imagine it as an engine: Each growth factor is one piston in the engine. Naturally, the engine will work if one cylinder does not work properly, or even does not work at all, but in order to get all the engine power, all cylinders must work at maximum efficiency.

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