V2 CEO Jan Verleur on FDA Policy Shift

In an effort to encourage innovation that will impact public health, the FDA has extended timelines to submit tobacco product review applications for newly-regulated products. This will allow manufacturers of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) to submit applications to market newly-regulated non-combustible products by August 8, 2022. The deadline was moved up 4 years from August 8, 2018.

V2 CEO Jan Verleur on FDA Policy Shift

“It’s really the first truly common sense thing we’ve seen out of the FDA in the last few years. They got things right. By abandoning the one size fits all approach to regulating the products the industry can provide choice. It’s nice to see that it was embraced at the top level. It’s massive,” V2 CEO Jan Verleur commented in The Daily Vaper regarding the policy shift.

FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb in National Review

This comes after Dr. Scott Gottlieb was appointed commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration earlier this year. “As a physician who cared for hospitalized cancer patients, and as a cancer survivor myself, I saw first-hand the impact of tobacco,” Gottlieb told National Review. “And I know all too well that it’s cigarettes that are the primary cause of tobacco-related disease and death. What’s now clear is that FDA is at a unique moment in history, with profound new tools to address this devastating impact.”

What does this mean for the vaping industry?

In a nutshell, vapor technology companies now have time to reduce costs and continue innovating electronic nicotine delivery systems. “Often times things are so political in Washington we don’t always get the decisions that are in the best interest of the consumer and users of the product, and I think this really is,” Verleur noted.

For more information on the FDA policy shift, visit dailyvaper.com or fda.gov for the agency’s official announcement on extended timelines.

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