Which Vape’s are banned in the United States?

Rumors of a complete ban on e-cigarettes in the United States were said to be “greatly exaggerated”. In early January, the us food and drug administration (FDA) issued a new regulation restricting sales of certain types of e-cigarettes. The restrictions did not apply to e – cigarettes with tastes of tobacco and menthol that are unpopular with young people-namely, these measures of the trump administration are aimed at them. The goal of the new policy is to reduce the popularity of vaping among teenagers. The new ruling is the result of a long process that began after the VAPE scandal in the fall of 2019. Recall that more than a thousand vapers in the United States went to hospitals with severe lung disease. And although it was reported that one of the possible causes of the disease was officially banned cartridges with marijuana purchased on the black market, the authorities of some States imposed a ban on the sale of all vapes. In particular, Michigan introduced a ban on all flavored e-cigarettes in early September, followed by new York, Massachusetts with a complete ban on any e-cigarettes, Rhode island, Oregon, and others.


However, the total ban did not take into account the needs of smokers who switched to vaping in an attempt to give up traditional cigarettes. Emphasizing the need to provide an alternative to adult smokers, the U.S. food and drug Administration is extending its authorization to sell so-called “kegs” that are sold exclusively in stores where an ID card is required to make a purchase.


In addition, according to the decree, all e-cigarette manufacturers will be required to submit applications for pre-market registration of tobacco products (PMTA – premarket tobacco product application) before may of this year, otherwise they will be forced to leave the market.


At the moment, the only product that has permission to sell in the US under the PMTA standard remains the tobacco heating system, while no type of VAPE has yet received such permission from the Office. At the same time, the US decision can not be suitable for absolutely all countries: each government must look for a way out, taking into account the peculiarities of its market.


Explaining its decision, the us food and drug Administration explained that it seeks to strike a balance between public health issues and the interests of adult smokers who are beginning to use alternative tobacco products to reduce the harm from Smoking. Of course, the best thing an adult smoker can do to protect their health is to stop Smoking. Those who have not yet done so deserve to be able to give up the most dangerous form of tobacco use-regular cigarettes.

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